Whether you’re stuck in a lockdown health rut, suffer from digestive issues or your energy levels are not where you want them to be, local mama and nutritional therapist Florence de Walden is here to help!

As a fully insured, qualified and registered nutritional therapist (mBANT, CNHC) she takes a highly personalised approach to working with her clients. She will make sure you achieve your goals in a sustainable way that enhances your enjoyment of food. Healthy eating should be simple and delicious and Florence believes strongly that complicated or restrictive diets rarely produce the results you’re looking for. If you want to create change that lasts, you need to tailor your nutrition around your lifestyle.

The best way to create change is by having the right kind of support and this is where working with Florence makes a real difference. She works closely with her clients, offering telephone and email support between sessions.

Queen’s Park Mums wanted to find out more about the lovely Florence. We love nothing more than a little snoop into the lives of our neighbours…

When did you decide to follow a career in nutrition?

I previously worked in the art auction world which I loved but it wasn’t my passion. Whilst working I began studying, and 4 years later in 2019, I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist.


Any specific reason you decided to?

I’m a type 1 diabetic and have struggled in the past with digestive issues and weight gain. There is not a diet out there I haven’t tried and I was fed up with feeling powerless around food.

Through dealing with my own health problems and finding a way of eating that made me feel my best, I became fascinated by nutrition and lifestyle. I saw what a profound effect they had on my own health and I realised I needed to find out more!


What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Seeing how the smallest of changes can make such huge differences to people’s health and how they feel.

I strongly believe knowledge is power. I want to equip my clients with the ability to make informed food choices and understand how different foods make them feel. There is SO much confusion around healthy eating, but there shouldn’t be.

Healthy eating does not need to be complicated, or restrictive or boring. You can still eat a burger, chocolate bar or whatever takes your fancy. The key is to understand where these foods fit into an overall healthy diet.


Favourite local for coffee? 

Oooooh I can never decide between Dark Habit or Gails coffee…. tricky.


Favourite local brunch spot?

The Salisbury Deli, Sandra who works there is just so lovely.


How would you spend your ideal Sunday in the hood?

We head straight to the swings with my daughter to get there before anyone else! Then stocking up on all the delicious foods at the market and spending the rest of the day cooking a roast and having a glass or two of red wine.


Any secrets you know about QP?

Not QP exactly but the black olive tapenade at the Salisbury Deli is ridiculously good.


Favourite season?

Autumn – I really like that ‘back to school’ feeling and I always seem to be at my most productive.


Cinema or Netflix & chill?

I miss the Cinema A LOT. We were regulars at The Everyman Maida Vale (so comfy!)


Texting or talking?

I love to talk, but face to face, so I’d have to say text.


Mascara or lipstick?

Mascara but I wish I could pull off bright red lipstick!


Invisibility or super strength?

Super strength


Favourite junk food?

Chocolate dipped in almond butter


Whats your go to meal when you host a dinner?

ahhhh there are so many! This is a hard one. I’d say either Diana Henry’s spatchcocked chicken with chilli, garlic, parsley and almond. Or if I’m feeling super fancy, Ossobucco with saffron risotto.


Who would be your top 4 dinner party guests?

The chef Ottolenghi as his food is my idea of heaven and I really want to go to Israel, will.i.am.  (I want to find out more about how his brain works!), Beata Heuman (an interior designer who I’m a little bit obsessed with) and this is quite a cliché but it’s got to be David Attenborough.

Below is an outline of Florence’s most basic package. She also offers weight loss and pre and post-natal packages.

Basic package £200

Initial consultation

During this meeting we will discuss food and nutrition as well as considering lifestyle and emotional factors. I will have sent you a Nutritional Questionnaire to fill out before I see you, however this hour in an opportunity for me to gather as much information as possible, to get an overall and comprehensive picture of where you best need support and guidance.

My aim is to identify individual dietary requirements and any nutritional gaps so we can put together a comprehensive nutrition plan.

Bespoke nutrition plan

I tailor each nutrition plan to the individual, using scientific research and considering food preferences. Supplements and functional testing may also be recommended.

Follow-up consultation

Usually 1 month after the initial consultation (less for weight loss clients), we will go through the recommendations made and assess any concerns you may have. You will then receive a revised diet and lifestyle plan and additional consultations can be arranged if required.

Follow up consultations £80 and further packages available on request.

I offer ongoing email support between all my sessions, as needed.

Weight loss package 6 sessions £500

Florence de Walden Nutrition 




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