Represent a selection of established, emerging, local and international artists and showcase an urban and eclectic, ever-changing roster of Solo Exhibitions and Group Shows, both on line and in pop up gallery spaces. They want the works they show to brighten and lift the walls of local and visiting collectors’ homes, so they will always show artists with energy and enthusiasm for their practice. They will ensure there is a mix of original paintings, photography, collage, sculpture, editions and screen prints so that there are access points for new collectors as well as opportunities to invest in major works for each artist.


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Lucy Smallbone is a graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art Master’s program who specialises in modern landscape painting. Her work looks at the merging of fictional and real space, and how stories and our memories can affect and alter our view of a place. Picture plains tilt upwards and vivid colours grow across the surface consuming it, leaving the landscapes uncertain of whether they are forming or falling apart. This feeling of never truly having access to the landscape is meant to reflect something that is felt in moments of the sublime in nature. Smallbone is a recipient of such prizes as the Haworth trust grant (2011), the David Balladie travel prize (2009) and travelled to Chernobyl thanks to the Duveen Travel Prize (2016).

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