Luke Meeseman owner & head Trainer of Absolute Studios, Kensal Rise

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Absolute Studios is a reformer pilates studio in the heart of Kensal.


They combine the key Pilates principles of precise movement, control and core muscle activation, amongst others, with functional strength promoting exercises. This ensures that not only do you get leaner, stronger and more balanced, but you also apply your newfound strength and flexibility to movements that you need to perform every day. They promise that once you start training with them you will move, look and feel better.

Sold! But we still wanted to know more so we had a little catch up with the man behind it all. Read on to see just how nosey we can be…


What led you to becoming king of the reformer?

King of the reformer! Ha ha, I don’t know about that (although it’s very nice of you to say so). If you’re asking what I can attribute my little slice of current success to, I’d say hard work, perseverance and learning from a lot of mistakes made over a lot of years!


How do you measure professional success?

In a word, impact. Specifically, positive impact. Of course there’s loads of ways to measure success but I think it all boils down to the effect you have on others. If our clients are telling us that they’re feeling good as a result of our classes and private training sessions, and my team are happy and fulfilled in what they’re doing then I know I’m doing a good job and the more traditional measures of success (financial etc) will come naturally as a result.


What’s next for Absolute?

Good question! In the immediate future we’re looking forward to getting the team and our lovely clients together for our Absolute Christmas parties and celebrating the year that was. We’ve been through a lot together over the last 12-18 months so it will be nice to come together and toast the fact that the studios are still alive and well and being visited regularly by the lovely folk in the neighbourhoods of Kensal Rise and Parsons Green. Beyond that, making sure we’re consistently doing the best we can for our clients, and ultimately longer term bringing more Absolute to more people in the UK and beyond.


What does a typical weekend in the hood look like for you?

It’s all about the minions (my 3 little people) on the weekend. Swimming lessons, football, parkruns, parties and playdates. Never a dull moment with 3 little humans who at present have more active social lives than my wife and I! Other than helping facilitate their busy weekend schedules, I aim to get out for a run myself on a Sunday ( I recently completed the London marathon and a subsequent Ultra Marathon and I’m eyeing up another race in January so I’m aiming to keep the long Sunday training run tradition going), other than that just chilling out as much as possible, watching a movie and playing the guitar are my other fave ways to relax on a weekend.


What do you love about living here?

It feels like home. I grew up in a pretty small town in Australia and Kensal reminds me in many ways of that. There’s a fantastic sense of community about the place, my wife and I are fortunate to have a great circle of friends here, the kids are in a brilliant school (shout out to Ark Franklin!) and have an equally fab network of little mates. Aside from that, there are fantastic places to socialise and my studio is a 5 min walk away so I have a pretty much non existent commute! Happy days.


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Is there an in between option? I’d say I’m a natural night owl reluctantly trained as a morning lark.


Perfect night in?

Can’t go wrong with a nice home cooked meal and a movie.


Top tip for feeling good?

This won’t come as a surprise but very simply, move your body! Find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing (that also challenges you) and do it.


If you could get on a plane tomorrow where would you go?

Australia (via the Maldives).


If we came over for dinner what would you cook for us?

Right now, I’ve been rocking some pretty epic (if I do say so myself) roast vege dinners (think all the classic roast veg plus some chickpeas in a vege stock based sauce with some feta crumbled on top), so probably one of those. If you come over in Spring/Summer though you are getting treated to a proper barbeque feast complete with classic Aussie Pavlova for dessert (made by my awesome wife, I can’t take any credit there!)


Tell us a secret.

I still harbour my childhood dream of becoming a rockstar. It’s never too late right. Right?!!?



Absolute Studios

77A College Road, Kensal Rise, NW10 5ES

T. +44(0) 20 3976 5110

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