Celebrating Ramadan in London

Events and Workshops

A time for spiritual reflection, self-discipline and offering prayers, Ramadan is the holiest
month in the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims fast from dawn until dusk each day.
London is home to a large Muslim community, and here at QPF, we understand how important it is to embrace and support the Muslim practices and beliefs during this significant period.


If you are looking for resources or information about Ramadan in London, there are many
resources available. We have listed some of the many places and sources of information


1. The Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale is a great place to learn more about
Ramadan and the customs and practices of Islam. During Ramadan, they provide a range of activities and events, including lectures, community gatherings, and religious services.


2. Harrow Central Mosque, located in Wealdstone, has daily Iftar meals during Ramadan for the community. They also hold special engagements and events throughout the month, including special prayers in the evenings and lectures.


3. The Muslim Council of Britain: This organisation represents Muslims in the UK and
provides information and resources for Ramadan, including prayer times and spiritual


4. Mosques in North West London: Here is a list of the many mosques in the area that offer resources and support for Ramadan, including prayer times, iftar (the breaking of the fast), and evening prayers.


5. The London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel hosts a range of activities and events during
Ramadan, including Iftar meals, lectures, and community gatherings. The centre also
provides social services and educational programs throughout the year and serves as a hub for the local Muslim community.


6. Local community organisations: There are also many community organisations and
charities that provide support for those observing Ramadan. For example, the Sufra NW
London Food Bank provides food and assistance to those in need during Ramadan and
throughout the year.


Ramadan Mubarak

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