Hi, this is Gokce. I am a Psychic and a Reiki Master. I have been using my psychic abilities for 25 years to do Tarot sessions and channel healing and information to people who open themselves to me. I work with both this world and the one beyond. I also do Reiki Energy sessions where I focus on healing of the body and soul through changing the vibrations. Both my sessions are 1hr each. Tarot and Aura reading sessions are online and is good to give clarity, make choices, see possibilities, give closures and to hear the hearth’s voice. The Reiki Healing sessions are good if you feel sick, in pain, tired, depressed, confused or just need some love and nurture. It is in person and held at the therapy room of The Hearth Queens Park. Both my sessions aim self awareness, guidance and a feeling of lightness in the end. And in both I psychically connect to you and relay any messages needed. Please contact me for more.


Email: gokcetarottherapy@gmail.com


Instagram: @gokceacarr


Website: https://www.lemongrass.life/u/62307833-92ad-4a34-912d-b8d08b7062be


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/tarottherapywithgokce/

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