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If you’ve ever thought of having a Hypnobirth, this is a must read interview with local mother and qualified Hypnothbirthing teacher Margaux Richmond.

We have wonderful local NHS and private medical based options for birth in and around Queen’s Park but the practice of Hypnobirthing can often allude us.  Read on for a fascinating insight into the world of Hypnothing and how it can benefit all expectant mothers.

Hypnobirthing appears to be a relatively new practice, can you tell us a little more about it?

Hypnobirthing and specifically KGHypnobirthing is logical, simple and practical…and very effective. It is a complete antenatal education that combines the knowledge of the physiology of birth with relaxation techniques. Hypnobirthing gives you all the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life. It is the antenatal training choice for Midwives and comes highly recommended

What led you to change careers and begin practicing hypnobirthing?

I had a wonderful birth experience but felt almost ashamed to share my story afterwards. This absolutely should not be the case and despite feeling very fortunate to have had the birth I did, it was coupled with frustration as I realised so many women did not have the same opportunity. And that led me to Hypnobirthing. I think every mother should be informed about all the choices open to her, and should know the risks and benefits to every scenario in labour and birth. Hypnobirthing is the only antenatal tool to do this so I want to pass this on to all the amazing mothers out there. There are many choices presented to us before, during and after birth, but if we don’t have all the necessary information, how are we meant to make these decisions.

What is the most rewarding part of the job?

Knowing that you can make a difference to a mothers experience of the birth of her baby.

Have you experienced any particular challenging times during training or since qualifying?

Not so much challenging but I think the key is not to present Hypnobirthing as an ‘us and them’ scenario with the medical professionals that we are so fortunate to have in this country. The Hypnobirthing course I trained in focuses on communication as a key aspect of Hypnobirthing. Medical interventions are absolutely necessary in some scenarios but too often, they happen as ‘routine’ procedures. The challenge is to have the knowledge to distinguish between the two scenarios.

The term ‘Hypnobirthing’ also presents a challenge, but I can assure you it is not what you think! There is no strange trance involved, just the power of words coupled with the physiological explanation of the process of birth. Combined, this knowledge ensures confidence in the lead up to, and during, birth.

What type of relationship do you have with the women who employ your services?

A professional but close relationship. I am fortunate to be involved in a very intimate part of these women’s journey so I am respectful of that but also know that there could be some raw emotional moments along the way, especially where subsequent pregnancies are concerned.

Have the breathing and mindfulness techniques learned through your profession helped in other parts of your life?

Definitely, I find them especially useful before any moments that can spike adrenaline, for example a job interview, a sporting challenge, restless nights or just the moments of stress that come with having and looking after children!

Do you offer both one to one and group sessions?  How can ladies get in touch with you?

I offer both types. The private sessions are held in couples homes and can be completed in a time frame to suit them. The group sessions are small and held over a weekend in Kensal Rise. I teach a maximum of six couples per course because there is a lot of content to cover and it’s important that everyone feels they come away from the course feeling confident and empowered.

You’re a local mum – how does this type of career help with a work / life balance (if at all)?

This type of career enables me to be flexible and work around my child but also to meet lovely local families!

Career changes are pretty common these days, what advice would you give to someone thinking of training in the field of hypnobirthing?

I would say that Katharine Graves’ teacher training course is definitely the one to do as it is recommended by midwives and is the most comprehensive training out there. Also to read up as much as you can on the practice – as it is not what you might think and it’s best not to assume!

What do you love most about living in our beautiful corner of London?

I was born in Queens Park but since then, have lived in 9 different places in London. None have come close to this corner in terms of a community feel. I am so fortunate to have returned to this area and I don’t know many places where you can say hello by name to the local shop owners, or drop by the amazing market on a Sunday via a walk through such a beautiful park. There is such a mix in this community and I feel very lucky to be a part of it!

You can reach Margaux via: 

Tel: 07985 711022

Instagram: Londonwest_hypnobirthing 

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