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Are you ready to kick off your summer with a clean and organized home? Hoarding and clutter can have a negative impact on our mental health, but getting started can be a challenge. That’s where Andrea Lewis, The Organised Curator, comes in.  With her unique perspective on maximizing and creating functional living spaces, she can help you achieve a beautiful, organized home that you will love spending time in.



What inspired you to get into your profession?
My background is in event production. I spent the best part of 15 years working in venues that would need to be reimagined to fit the brief. I wanted to translate this practice into working with real people, in real homes.



How long have you been working as a Professional Home Organiser and Declutterer?
I started working as a professional organiser and declutterer, the day I set up my business, The Organised Curator, almost 3 years ago. I ran the idea for the business past a friend who hired me the next day to help pack up her home ahead of a move abroad.


Can you explain how the Professional Organising process works and who typically uses the service you offer?
The main reason I love my job is that I get to meet people from all different walks of life. I wouldn’t say I have a set client profile. I help people get organised at home so they can improve the quality of their everyday life.


What are the most common items people find hard to let go of and why?  What type of questions would you ask a client to work through this?
Usually anything child related is hard to let go of, and I totally get this as a mother myself. Children’s artwork is probably one of the hardest challenges but there are great storage solutions available so you can honour their artwork at home which are clutter free.


You’re a professional organiser – does that mean you have a completely decluttered and organised home?
I wish! My house is forever a work in progress. I live with my husband and my 5 year old son and although I wish it was always immaculate and clutter free, I need to remember it has to feel like a home. We’ve just finished renovating so moving out for 3 months ahead of the works starting made me declutter…a lot!


What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your work?
When I started out 3 years ago, hiring a professional organiser was a relatively niche concept but Covid inspired a lot of people to start out on their own doing what I do. There’s more competition now but I see it as a positive thing as it helps raise our profiles. A lot more people are aware of professional organisers now than they were back in 2020.



What benefits do you expect your clients to experience becoming more organised or decluttered?
A simpler every day. The aim of getting organised is to ensure every belonging has a home at the end of the session. The client will inevitably have less belongings after a good clear out which will make losing things a lot harder. It helps to have an organiser come in with a fresh outlook to speed up the process of decluttering.



Can you share a rewarding moment or some positive feedback that has really stayed with you?
I always say that getting organised is a huge win. I am yet to meet a client who didn’t reap the rewards of having a more organised home.



What’s the best outcome you hope for from your service for people to take away with them?
A sense of calm. They have hired someone to come in for a set period to work solely on creating an organised living space.


Do you have a dream client?
Anyone who is open to letting go of items and willing to give me the freedom to organise a space how I see fit.


What’s your top tip to share on decluttering?
It can be an overwhelming process as one can put off getting organised for a while. If you’re struggling to start somewhere, go with what you think is an easy win and build momentum. Time boxing is a great way to start the process, so you work against the clock. I would start with 45 minutes and go from there.


What words / phrases do you over use?
Always start the easy wins – I probably say it at least once to all my clients.


What is the last book you read ?
I am currently reading Happy Parent, Happy Child by Genevieve von Lob.. My books these days tend to revolve mainly around parenthood.


What are your fave local haunts ?
I love visiting Golborne road on a Friday and Saturday – there’s no place like it in London. I am yet to go to Srakers which is top of my list of restaurants to visit next.


How do Do you unwind?
I usually come home after work and carry on organising my home – whether that’s getting uniform ready for the next morning or sorting out my work bag. Organising helps me switch off. I find the whole process very relaxing.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?
I am obsessed with beauty! I could probably open up my own little shop selling products – I have so many!


What’s the future of The Organised Curator, is there anything planned this year you could share with us?
I hope to start growing the business in 2024. I wanted to get through the first 3 years which I hear are the hardest so I could learn as much as I could about the profession before taking on team members.



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