Michael Brigo

Health and Fitness

Bespoke home personal training services for women to tone up, get fitter and feel better.


Hi locals, who wants to tone up, get fitter and feel better?


Is losing a few pounds or dropping a dress size on your mind but finding it challenging?
Is this getting in your way?

– Don’t have the motivation to exercise alone
– Struggling to find the time to exercise
– Snacking on the wrong foods
– Eating too many carbs
– Have too much sugar in your diet


If any of the above is getting in your way to looking and feeling better, there is an easier
way to get in shape!


Michael Brigo is an award-winning female specialist personal trainer that works with
women who want to look and feel great at any stage in life including Menopause [ peri &
post ], Family Life [getting in shape whilst raising a family] and Post-Natal.
All his clients have busy lives and Michael makes ‘health & fitness’ SIMPLE & EASY in
their everyday life.


Part of the challenge with exercise is showing up to a class, getting to the gym, or doing a
workout on your own, and then you need to motivate yourself to do it!


That’s why Michael comes to you (at your home or local park) for one-to-one sessions and
motivate you all the way (whilst making it fun).


Also, I will show you how to improve your diet (not go on a diet) for whatever goal you want to achieve, whether that’s to have more energy, drop a few pounds, or simply be healthier.


⭐️ If this sounds good click here to see success stories of other women and to book your
Free ‘Look & Feel Better’ Taster Session: brigopt.com


There are limited spaces for the taster session as it’s one-to-one and bespoke to each


Book your free taster session today to avoid missing out and discover how to kickstart your fitness routine.


Available locally and in surrounding areas.
Speak soon,





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