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Here at Queen’s Park Mums we are all about trying to get back into some sort of routine…

We are starting with a fitness routine especially as we hear that September stands for #startnow – time to hit our fitness stride! With this in mind I’m heading to NXT PHASE, a brand new boutique gym I’ve been hearing lots about, to get some inspiration.

Behind M&S, along Canterbury Road, and down a flight of stairs at Canterbury House lies its inconspicuous entrance. NXT PHASE, 3,000 sq ft flooded with glorious natural light, is the home of functional fitness in Queen’s Park.


Its low-fi layout and unassuming ambience charms immediately. This is not your run of the mill gym. For a start, there’s a deliberate lack of cross-trainers. Instead, a sledge, squat rack and cable crossover look inviting. Patrons include #thisisfifty women lifting, amateur boxers, and desk dwellers working off steam. Meek Mill raps ‘ambition is priceless’ on the sound system. Overall, the vibe is somewhere between downtown 80s NYC and an in-the-know members’ club.


It all comes together as I’m greeted by co-owner Terry Longmore, a gregarious Washingtonian and functional fitness disciple. “NXT PHASE is the manifestation of my 20 years in this industry” he explains. “It’s the joint I always dreamed of opening. A place where functional fitness is celebrated”, or fitness training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities (lifting, pulling, squatting…) to you and me. Moving more easily as I juggle all the demands placed on women does sound appealing.



According to Terry, fitness has become too fancy, and we’re becoming too reliant on machines. “Think of your body’s natural movements as 3D. Your body effectively moves in 2D when using an exercise machine, because the machine does some of the work to mimic your natural movement. We stripped it right back using bodyweight, gravity and performance apparatus to get results.” Ahh, now the minimal treadmills make sense but I’m wondering how a novice gets going with functional fitness.


“Reducing the reliance on cross-trainers and the like can be daunting. We’ve designed our member experience to be accessible to all levels of fitness”. He goes on to explain, “our gym membership comes with a 30-minute induction and personalised workout. You’re also encouraged to try one of the many routines that are chalked up on the walls. Plenty of #fitspo to keep it fresh.” Sprinter lunges on the TRX anyone?

Elite Personal Trainers are also on-hand to provide strength training and weight management guidance (one-to-one or in pairs), so you can train smarter, eat better and develop sustainable fitness habits. Alternatively, their awesome classes* are perfect for those who prefer a group dynamic. Anchored in the fitness fundamentals – Repetition, Intensity, Performance, Speed, and Strength (RIPS) – these classes are the real deal. Each one is rated by the intensity and doing 3 x 3 (three different classes, three times a week) is guaranteed to help you find your form. Highlights in their current timetable include ASS-N-ABS, HIITBOD, BOXING & KIDSFITT (6-9yrs, 10-15yrs).


I recommend their blood-pumping feel good HIITBOD class (held daily mon – fri). Its 45 minutes of full body training and toning using kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and resistance bands. Ideal if you’re looking to seriously shape-up  or simply re-shape post lockdown!

As I prepare to leave, Terry says “Ya know, it’s not been easy launching during a global pandemic. We wouldn’t do it any other way though. Fitness is our life and we can’t wait to welcome all of Queen’s Park to the wonders of functional fitness and to try a class on us!”

So there you have it! Start your fitness journey with NXT PHASE today.

Email support@nxtphasefitness.com to book.

NXT PHASE is kindly offering Queen’s Park Mums Card Holders 10% discount on their Three Class Package. Purchase must be made in person at the gym, and you will need to present your Queen’s Park Mums Card.

* Classes capped at 6 participants to allow for social distancing.


1-3, Canterbury House, Canterbury Rd, North Maida Vale, London NW6 5FR

020 3793 0879



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