Meet photographer – Demelza Lightfoot

Professional Side

I’m sure you recognise photographer Demeliza Lightfoot. Her warm presence, genuine people skills, and light touch that give her the uncanny ability to put us all at ease, and bring out the best of us.


She smiles, talking about her love for Africa and travel photography. Remembering happy memories of traveling alone in Mozambique 2005, with just her first camera for company, where she grew, learnt and mastered her skills. Next she was fortunate to have amazing experiences, not just as a photographer, but also the pivilege to work with Operation Smile in 2011, an incredible charity in the DRC and Madagascar. Then many years she worked as a Photographer and Picture Editor at The Times.


Now she feels lucky to work with some amazing artists in the area, as well as documenting the fantastic exhibitions that are held locally at the Wilder Gallery and 99Projects. She also photographs new businesses, websites, branding, portraits, always tailoring to people’s needs, whether it’s a corporate shoot, on location, at home for a more relaxed feel, or capturing art, events and weddings.


We thought it would be nice to get behind the camera and get to know Demelza herself.


⁃ When did you realise you wanted to be a photographer? 

When a friend turned down the opportunity to work as a photographer at our local newspaper I knew I really wanted the job. I applied with her blessing and got the job!


⁃ What is your biggest challenge professionally?

The same as every other parent, the juggle of being a parent, being a professional and Childcare


 – Tell us something surprising about being a photographer?

Is it surprising to anyone when working for yourself there is so much more paperwork than actually being creative!


 ⁃ Is there a really memorable photo shoot that has stayed with you?

The 2010 Fifa world cup in South Africa


⁃ How did you come to settle in this neighbourhood?

My husband Zute grew up here


⁃ What does a typical weekend look like for you?

Ferrying children around, outdoor adventures, chaos


⁃ Exercise much?

I wish/need to do more


 ⁃ Favourite local place to while away a morning?

Queens park/Roundwood park


 ⁃ What brings you joy?

Being the last on the beach on a sunny evening with the kids playing glass of vino in hand


 ⁃ What makes you sad?

Not being as quick on a basketball court


 – What makes you laugh?

Silly Conversations with my friends and sisters


 ⁃ Cocktail or glass of wine?

Whichever is closest


 ⁃ Dream date night?

Summers night, adventure, cycling from one London pub to another, seeing the joys of London in the sunshine


 ⁃ Dream holiday?

Camping in our rooftop tent by the beach in glorious sunshine but with a hired cook and cleaner!


 ⁃ Favourite song to wallow to?

Don’t really wallow I love dancing – Disclosure – Tondo


 ⁃ If you weren’t a photographer what would you be?

Beyonce’s backing dancer


 ⁃ Where do you hope to be in 10 years time?

Beyonce’s backing dancer


⁃ tell us a secret?

Everybody knows them as they normally make silly conversations – see above


If you would like to get in touch with Demelza Lightfoot

email :

tel  : 07544863946.

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