Lesley started Boxing in her early 20’s to get fit. Within five years she became a national champion, won a Gold medal in the EU Championships, and made it to Team GB.

Although part of the first-ever 2012 female Olympic selection team, the universe had other plans. As motherhood arrived, Lesley set up The Boxing Boutique to offer authentic boxing training programs to women whilst making an Olympic sport out of having babies (three daughters in 5 ½ years!)


“Asa foundation, boxing prepared me for life: navigating motherhood, starting a business, dealing with personal trauma, and juggling finances all of which are incredibly testing realities that many women face.

Boxing became about feeling good holistically, instead of just fitness-driven results.

The Boxing Boutique is aligned with my reality and that of innumerable women globally, I wanted to create a space where there was no separation between internal and external development, as the two are inextricably linked.”


In 2010 Lesley took part in BBC’s ‘Last Woman Standing’, in which five British athletes from different sporting backgrounds as they take on the challenge of a lifetime – travelling the world competing with women from remote tribes and cultures.


1-2-1 Training

Includes a free physio assessment

by leading female clinician

Kasia Zielina

50 mins/session

Available in blocks of 6 or 12 sessions

Free Physio assessment and game plan

Valid for 6 months



We want to make sessions as accessible as possible, so our tiered payment system allows you to spread the love when you are doing well but keep going when finances are tight.

Check out their website  https://www.theboxingboutique.com/1-2-1-payment-plans

for more details.





Everything sold in the Boutique has been created with the intention of strength: To add to it or build it, and To assist the connection to your own power.

They are proud of all their products, each crafted with the highest quality, using ethically sourced materials, and including FSC Packaging made from 100% recycled materials.




Contact – https://www.theboxingboutique.com/faq
instagram – @theboxingboutique

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