The Story Keepers

A wee story for you. A little while ago, I was just completing the final edits of an Audio Memoir when I received an email from the wonderful storyteller

‘Did I tell you that I was friends with JFK?’ she wrote.

‘No,’ I shouted back at the screen, ‘JFK? I think I’d remember that!’

I called her up, and we spoke and agreed that this story was important, and fun, and really did need to be included in her memoir.

Now, this was a particularly eye-catching message but I always, always love receiving messages from storytellers after we have completed our recordings (or think we have!) with more stories and more anecdotes from their lives.

However much recording we do, I will never capture all the memories, never. But, one thing that I always do is to spark my storyteller’s memory, and I love the fact that the spark keeps going long after the recording has stopped.

I love hearing these stories, and love that they are often really pretty juicy, so to all my storytellers out there, please, keep them coming.

I particularly enjoyed yesterdays email. I don’t want to overshare, but my storyteller told me a story about her elderly father, who wanted to take his ladyfriend to Cyprus, to visit Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love’s cave, but ended up having a picnic in a local cemetery.

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